Digital Collections: Scotland

All of the following collections can be downloaded for free via Google Books.


Campbell, J. F. Popular Tales of the West Highlands Orally Collected with a Translation. 4 vols. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1860–1862.

Campbell, Lord Archibald et al. (ed.). Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Argyllshire Series. 5 vols. London: David Nutt; The Folklore Society, 1889–1895.

Chambers, Robert. Popular Rhymes, Fireside Stories, and Amusements of Scotland. 3rd edition (of The Popular Rhymes of Scotland). Edinburgh: William and Robert Chambers, 1842.

Chambers, Robert. Reekiana, or Minor Antiquities of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: William and Robert Chambers, 1833.

Chambers, Robert. Traditions of Edinburgh. 2 vols. Edinburgh: W. and C. Tait, 1825.