Committee on Folk Narrative, Literature, and Media (FNLM)

The ISFNR committee on Folk Narrative, Literature, and Media (FNLM) supports, recognizes, and extends the work and achievements of scholars and practitioners who create, perform, and study folk narrative in relation to literature and media, widely conceived. 
This committee gathers scholars and practitioners to encourage the study of folk narrative including wonder tales, folktales, fairy tales, legends, and myths as they are performed, transmitted, and transformed through different media forms, including: oral tales and their transcription, literary texts, graphic novels, film, radio, television, painting, illustration, photography, design, fashion, sculpture, architecture, music, choreography, theater, video, gaming, fandoms, podcasting, and all varieties of social media and digital culture. Some related scholarly fields include, but are not limited to, adaptation, comparative, critical race, decolonial, disability, ecocritical, gender, intermedial, intersectional, labor, queer, reception, and translation studies