The latest issue of Incantatio, An International Journal on Charms, Charmers and Charming, has been published. You can access Incantatio’s Vol 11 (2023) here.

Contents of the issue:

Jonathan Roper


The Russian Secret of Secrets and Patriarch Nikon’s Book Curse
W. F. Ryan


How do Udmurts address their God(s)?
Eva Toulouze, Tatiana Vladykina


Verbal Charms in a Nineteenth Century Swedish Book of Magic
Alessandra Mastrangelo


Taboo Violation and Charming Initiation, As Expressed by Some Romanian Legends and Incantations Addressed to the Fairies
Laura Jiga Iliescu


Identification of unnamed non-human agents in Kalevala-metric incantations
Tuukka Karlsson




Will Ryan (1937–2023)
A. L. Toporkov, A. V. Chernetsov




The Nature of the Sources: an Interview with Andrey Toporkov
Jonathan Roper




Tuukka Karlsson, 2022. Come Here You Are Needed: Registers in Viena Karelian Communicative Incantations. PhD Dissertation.
Ilona Tuomi




Conference Report Canonical and Non-Canonical in Charming Texts and Practices
James I. Deutsch