Belief Narrative Network

The Belief Narrative Network (BNN) is a voluntary association and forms part of the ISFNR. There are at present 105 members of the BNN who come from all over the world, and share the common feature that they are all involved in working on belief narratives. If you are interested in joining the BNN, please contact for further information about all the activities for the BNN.

Winner of Student Prize 2018 (PDF)

1. The Committee of the Belief Narrative Network

The Committee of the BNN is elected for a term of four years at each ISFNR congress. The current members of the Executive Committee (elected at the ISFNR congress in Miami, 2016) are the following:

The BNN Committee

The BNN Committee members (2016-2020):


Willem de Blécourt, Terry Gunnell, Anders Gustavsson, Desmond Kharmawphlang, Fumihiko Kobayashi, Mare Kõiva, Kaarina Koski, Dilip Kumar Kalita, Mirjam Mencej (president), Maria Ines Palleiro, Tok Thompson and Ülo Valk.

The BNN Committee members (2013-2016):


Willem de Blécourt, Marion Bowman, Terry Gunnell, Anders Gustavsson, Desmond Kharmawphlang, Mare Kõiva, Kaarina Koski, Mirjam Mencej (president), Maria Ines Palleiro, Alexander Panchenko and Ülo Valk.

The BNN Committee (2009-2013):

Ezekiel Alembi, Willem de Blécourt (president), Heda Jason, Terry Gunnell, Desmond Kharmawphlang, Mare Kõiva, Maria Ines Palleiro, Timothy Tangherlini and Ülo Valk.

2. Annual Reports on BNN Activities

BNN report 2016-2017 (PDF)

BNN report 2015-2016 (PDF)

BNN report 2014-2015 (PDF)

BNN report 2013-2014 (PDF)

3. BNN e-Newsletters

E-Newsletter January 2017 (PDF) ( Attachments)

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 Attachment 2 (PDF)
 Attachment 3 (PDF)
 Attachment 4 (PDF)
 Attachment 5 (PDF)
 Attachment 6 (PDF)

E-Newsletter February 2017 (PDF) ( Attachments)

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 Attachment 2 (PDF)
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 Attachment 6 (PDF)
 Attachment 7 (PDF)

E-Newsletter March 2017 (PDF) ( Attachments)
 Fake News (PDF)

E-Newsletter April 2017 (PDF) ( Attachments)
 BNN Werewolf Films (PDF)

E-Newsletter May 2017 (PDF) (Attachments)

E-Newsletter June 2017 (PDF)

E-Newsletter September 2017 (PDF) (Attachments)
CFP 2018 Ragusa (PDF)
Annotation Lithuanian Folk Narratives (PDF)

E-Newsletter October 2017 (PDF) (Attachments)
Attachment 1 (PDF)

E-Newsletter November 2017 (PDF) (Attachments)
Attachment 1 (PDF)

E-Newsletter December 2017 (PDF) (Attachments)
Attachment 1 (PDF)

4. Call for Papers

Call for submissions for 2020 student prize for best student paper in the field of belief narratives.(deadline 30 June 2019)  RECENTLY UPDATED

BNN Conference in Guwahati, India, 6th-8th February 2019, Belief Narratives in Folklore Studies: Narrating the Supernatural  RECENTLY UPDATED

5. Past BNN Conferences

Joint BNN and ChChCh Conference Verbal Charms and Narrative Genres, Budapest 8-10 December 2017 

Summer Workshop Central European University, BUDAPEST 3-5 July, 2017.

CFP Shillong NEHU 

Call for papers to the joint BNN and Charms, Charmers and Charming Committees' conference, Budapest, 8-10 December 2017 (deadline 1 May 2017) 

CFP BNN Symposium at the ISFNR Conference in Miami, Florida, October 19-22, 2016. (PDF)

CFP "Beliefs in Discussion". BNN Symposium at the ISFNR Interim Conference in Ankara, Turkey, September 1-6, 2015. (PDF)

"Sacrifice, Ordeal, Divination". International Conference at the Pécs Commitee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs, Hungary, in cooperation with BNN, December 12-14, 2014. (PDF)

Photos of the BNN conference in Zugdidi, 2014Abstracts of the BNN conference in ZugdidiProgramme of the BNN conference in Zugdidi

The BNN Symposium "Boundaries of Belief Narratives", Vilnius, 25-30 June, 2013 (PDF)

Minutes from the BNN meeting in Vilnius, June 26, 2013 (PDF)

Belief Narrative Network, Third Symposium, "Belief Narrative Genres", Novi Sad, August 28-30, 2012 - Progam and Abstracts (PDF)

The BNN Symposium "Belief Narratives and Social Realities", Shillong - Meghalaya, India, February 22-25, 2011 (PDF)

The BNN Symposium "Interpreting Belief Narrative", St. Petersburg, Russia, May 17–19, 2010 (PDF)

6. Recent Publications

Nature Spirits: Continuity and Change (Bela Mosia, ed.)

Recent publication: Belief Narrative Genres (PDF)

7. CVs and Bibliographies

Būgienė, Lina (PDF)

de Blécourt, Willem (PDF)

Carrassi, Vito (PDF)

Gunnell, Terry (PDF)

Gustavsson, Anders (PDF)

Gwyndarf, Robin (PDF)

Hiiemäe, Reet (PDF)

Koski, Kaarina (PDF)

Kropej, Monika (PDF)

Laime, Sandis (PDF)

Leete, Art (PDF)

Marjanić, Suzana (PDF)

Mencej, Mirjam (PDF)

Metsvahi, Merili (PDF)

Miller, Robert (PDF)

Palleiro, Maria Inés (PDF)

Pallua, Jelka Vince (PDF)

Petrović, Sonja (PDF)

Radulović, Nemanja (PDF)

Tangherlini, Timothy (PDF)

Thompson, Tok Freeland (PDF)

Valk, Ülo (PDF)

Wolf-Knuts, Ulrika (PDF)

8. Folklore Archives

European Folklore Archives (PDF)

Archives (PDF)