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News for 2010

FYI New electronic publication "Folktales and Fairy Tales: Translation, Colonialism, and Cinema"

FYI Les légendes des savants et philosophes au Moyen Age et à la Renaissance, Tours, September 16-18, 2010

FYI: The Alexander Romance in Persia and the East, Exeter, July 26-29, 2010

FYI: GRENO workshop "Entre conte et légende", Portugal, June 8-11, 2010

CFP Anti-tales and disenchantment, Glasgow, August 12-13, 2010

Obituary Notice Ezekiel Alembi

Proceedings of the 2009 Athens Conference

Folklore Fellows' Summer School 2010

Belief Narratives Conference in St Petersburg in May 2010

FYI Il punto sulle novelle. La narrativa popolare nell'anno dei mezzadri. Convegno dedicato alla memoria di Aurora Milillo. Grosseto, Italy, December 3-5, 2010

FYI Workshop Archiving Orality and Connecting with Communities, Cambridge, December 10-11

FYI Oral History and Fieldwork - The (Re)use and Interpretation of Research Materials, Helsinki, 2–3 December 2010

Premio G. Pitrè — S. Salomone-Marino 2010

CFP Oral History and Fieldwork Helsinki December 2010

CFP Le Rôle du conte et de l’oralité dans l’imaginaire, l’ésthétique littéraire et artistique, Martinique, November 2010

CFP American Folklore Society Annual Meeting October 2010

CFP: Singers and Tales in the 21st Century: The Parry-Lord Legacy