Belief Narrative Network

The Belief Narrative Network (BNN) is a voluntary association and forms part of the ISFNR. There are at present 105 members of the BNN who come from all over the world, and share the common feature that they are all involved in working on belief narratives. If you are interested in joining the BNN, please contact for further information about all the activities for the BNN.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Folk Healing: Care, Cure and Wellness in India by Tulika Chandra.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: On Werewolves and Legend Maps by Willem de Blécourt.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: What Do We Mean by Belief? Some Thoughts and Observations by Terry Gunnell.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Animal tales, belief narratives and COVID-19 in Argentinian folklore by Maria Ines Palleiro.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Aliens, Androids, Animals, and Ghosts: Belief Narratives of Human Ontology During the Anthropocene by Tok Thompson.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Greetings from Hell: Estonian Folktale ATU 475 in Trans-Generic Context by Prof. Ülo Valk.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Narratives on afterlife and symbolic immortality by Kaarina Koski.

Belief Narrative Network Online Lecture Series: Conspiracy in the time of corona by Prof. Tim Tangherlini.

1. The Committee of the Belief Narrative Network
The Committee of the BNN is elected for a term of four years at each ISFNR congress. The current members of the Executive Committee (elected at the ISFNR congress in Miami, 2016) are the following: Willem de Blécourt, Terry Gunnell, Anders Gustavsson, Desmond Kharmawphlang, Fumihiko Kobayashi, Mare Kõiva, Kaarina Koski, Dilip Kumar Kalita, Mirjam Mencej (chair), Maria Ines Palleiro, Tok Thompson and Ülo Valk.

3. ISFNR Belief Narrative Network Online Lectures

5. BNN e-Newsletters

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6. BNN Conferences

7. PhD and BA / MA student prize for best student paper in the field of belief narratives

8.Belief Narrative Network Facebook page: BNN Facebook Page

Belief Narrative Network Facebook page on Corona/Covid folklore: BNN Facebook Page Bearing the present situation in mind, the present aim of BNN Facebook account is to gather and share Corona/ Covid folklore of all kinds (jokes, memes, conspiracy theories, “myths” about wonder cures, (personal) experience narratives and so on). Any contextual information, observations (for instance on attitudes towards foreigners on the streets), photos and more will be much appreciated, as will links to other Facebook accounts or relevant web sites dealing with the same topic. As we know, many people all around the world are already collecting such folklore. Our hope is that our Facebook page can become a hub for all this international material, allowing comparison and further research. Everyone will, of course, be welcome to use the data that will hopefully be available here as a form of archival base for their own research. Indeed, it may even become the heart of a future project. Beginning in 2021 or 2022, we anticipate pulling together some of our diverse and global data on this subject in a then-historical view. We encourage members who are researching this to engage on our Facebook page for the purposes of organizing our future response, posting links and the like, and to begin to think and discuss what forms this presentation could take. When present crisis is over (hopefully soon), we hope that the Facebook page can continue to be a site where immediate exchange can take place among the BNN scholars on other subjects. .